Saturday, August 27, 2005

October elections...? Time to fix up the city...!

Like every city government most everywhere in the world, when elections roll around, Buenos Aires starts fixing up the streets and sprucing up the parks. Message: See how well we take care of our residents and don't forget it when you go to the polls!

Production, Tourism and Sustainable Development
Government of the City of Buenos Aires
Recovery of Green Spaces
Parque Centenario
Remodeling and improving the value of Parque Centenario
You want to take care of where we live
We are doing it today

The good news is that Buenos Aires, despite the 17m folks living in the greater metro area, has a number of really terrific parks and open spaces to be proud of.


Parque Centenario

Work underway at Parque los Andes

Plaza 25 de Agosto


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