Sunday, April 10, 2005

Notes, quotes and observations from the home show... - by profmarcus

A microcosm of the consumer society...


Welcome to the Home Show

Two home theater dealers with booths in the lobby outside the entrance to the main hall, 15 HDTV screens total, all tuned to the NASCAR race

"I think this is why I came."

Rough count: 20+ whirlpool spa dealers

"Oh, honey, look! 'Pampered Pets!' Over here!"

"I'm right here. I can see you. Just keep walking the same way you're going right now." (man on cell phone)

Rough count: 15+ home mortgage lenders

"Mommy, mommy, mommy! I wanna go on the slide! MOMMY...!"

"It's still not warm enough to bar-be-que."

We Specialize in Jumbos. (mortgage lender ad banner)

"This is Murray. When you go to Meeks, he'll take care o' ya."

Refresh Your Mind (sauna dealer ad banner)

"You're not behaving yourself. Sit down."

$500 Puts You in a Brand-New Home (mortage lender ad banner)

"Can I steal this chair?"

The Million-Dollar Home Theater (home theater dealer ad banner)

"Are you ready to go and get some food?"

DISH - NOTHING ELSE COMPARES (dish network ad banner)

"Yeah, we're done. Let's go."

A 45mph Couch Potato (adopt-a-greyhound ad banner)

"Where you at?" (man on cell phone)

Doo-be-doo-be-doo." (man in a floor care demo booth, wearing a headset and microphone, singing into a portable loudspeaker system, nobody else around)

Black suspenders with a yellow sunflower pattern

"Exactly the same stand they had last year."

Your FUTURE Starts HERE (private, for-profit university ad banner)

FREE DRAWING (ad banner)

"Is the food any good?"

This drawing is offered for the sole purpose of soliciting potential customers for the sale of timeshare units. (fine print on back of free drawing entry form)

Spas and saunas that feature built-in stereo systems

"If they make it, we can get it."

Inflatable Bounce House Rentals
Let Us Bring the ULTIMATE Fun to Your Party (ad banner)

Harley Davidson, San Jose, Costa Rica (t-shirt)

"C'mon, let's go find grandma."


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